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About saikam

SAIKAM Electronics & Technologies LLP started in 2019, with three professionals who had a vision. And, ever since our advent as SAIKAM Electronics & Technologies LLP, our discovery is to offer customer-centric products.


We have established ourselves as one of the foremost global brands in the Indian markets with big stories behind our creations. We are basically a leading Consumer Electronics Company. We began our journey in the year 2019 and are headquartered in Hyderabad.

Our mission

Our focuses on innovations, customer designer products, engineering, and platforms have made us reach the summit. We have managed ourselves as a praiseworthy Consumer Electronics Company to have more than a thousand service centers located around the country. We pride in being a fast-developing company to win praise amongst customers. Our mission to offer an all-encompassing equipment solution is what our team is determined about. We know how technology is emerging with each passing day, which is why we try offering robust products around the concept of Home Automation. We implement collaborative proficiencies and skills through our choice of smart devices; aggregating, and accelerating the pace of innovation.

Our Vision

We focus on bringing forth the newer and most current technological improvements with highly personalized and customized experiences. Through our platform, we focus on offering our state-of-the-art services to improvise smart devices with next-gen innovations for multiple IoT verticals. We incorporate sought-after innovations to create opportunities for customers and build their trust. In the universe of e-commerce, our vision comprises the methodologies that our tech support assistants incorporate to assist customers and grow trust. Our ultimate vision is to develop customer trust through a comfortable and straightforward process of purchasing products that can solve customers’ problems.


With fast-paced tech advancements, our professionals work on intelligently connecting customers with products keeping their requirements in mind. Our vision is to provide customers with an explicit insight into the products in accordance with what suits their needs

How we came into being?

Hardly a year has passed ever since we, the team of SAIKAM, came into the forefront. Each passing day is educating us with new tech lessons. That’s how we are managing to incorporate the most current technological revolutions in assisting our clientele in purchasing their trustworthy products and getting our services accordingly. We are striving for success and receiving optimum output because of our team members. Our entire team is devoted to strong concepts of passion as well as conviction. And, it would not be an exaggeration to state that we found our inception in just a thought. Given that the best technologies are out of reach of commoners, the thought itself stroke us. And, that’s how SAIKAM Electronics & Technologies LLP came under the limelight. We began with our dire desperation to help customers get the most sought-after and state-of-the-art technologies reached to them. And, this initiative helped us frame ourselves by reincarnating the technological revolutions such that these become reachable to masses. This thought acted like the wind beneath our wings to fly high as one of the foremost electronic companies in India.

Meet Us: A Brief about Our Company’s Faces

SAIKAM comprises a small team of professionals with big aims. We work on expanding the business and driving potential customers with a wide range of benefits. Our chairman (also our founder) holds a reputable academic position with a Bachelor’s degree in IT (Information Technology) engineering and an MBA degree in Business Administration (specialized in Marketing). It’s because of his risk-taking capabilities that SAIKAM has come a long way ever since 2019. Meet our Founder and CEO, respected Mr. Shehbaaz Husain. He’s a young & dynamic man having excellent skills in IoT & technology. His passion for technologies has taken him in prominent places where he got an opportunity of expertise at it. He’s an entrepreneur at heart, but a compassionate man in mind. He loves working on newer technologies and bringing them forth. He has over 12 years of experience in this industry, and thus he knows the best ways to acquire our ultimate visions. Our service director Mr. K.Narender kumar does not need an introduction through words. His passion for technologies and profession in telecom after sales & service with 20 years of experience does it all to give a brief introduction to this personality. He is a young and talented director at SAIKAM.

What makes us unique?

It takes a million thoughts for a customer to invest in a brand emotionally. We understand every insight into it. We try relating to our customers’ values. We try focusing on relating to our customers and how they dealt with the hardships of buying the wrong product. That’s how we initiate in beginning our rapport with dear consumers. We feature an almost endless array of TV and audio ranges with high-end picture qualities and quality sound. Our primary focus is to utilize the most unique and up-to-date technologies in developing and designing quality products with some state-of-the-art minuscule details.